PH aceite de rosa mosqueta

PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta

Natural regenerator of the skin

PH aceite de rosa mosqueta

Care, protect and rehydrate the skin.

PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta of Issislen Laboratori has a purity of 100%, preserving intact all its beneficial properties, thus maintaining our commitment of high quality and exclusivity.

For its elaboration only we use seeds extracted from the rosehip fruit cultivated in the southern cone of Chile.

Presentation: 30 ml.

Discover the benefits of PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta

In addition to its effects on the outer layers of the skin PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta vitalizes the cells of the inner layers invigorating the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, thus:

– Regenerates and nourishes the skin eliminating wrinkles not deep.

– Reduces scars and stretch marks.

– Redistribute the pigmentation by attenuating the skin spots.

– Through the autogeneration of melanin, it performs preventive and corrective actions against photoaging and skin problems caused by exposure to solar radiation.

With extraordinary density, color and brilliance, the PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta of Issislen Laboratori is a unique product and represents a reference in the international dermocosmetic sector.

PH aceite de rosa mosqueta

Where does Rosehip Oil come from?

Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seed contained in the fruit of Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa. It contains high levels of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA’s), specifically linoleic acids (44-49%) and linolenic acids (28-35%). These acids are responsible for the beneficial action of Rosehip Oil in the regeneration of the skin and are indispensable for body areas where there are high rates of proliferation of new cells, such as the face. In addition, the pulpy shell of its seeds has a high content of vitamin C.

Rosehip Oil is one of the products that has increased interest in recent years in the areas of dermatology, nutrition and cosmetics because its uses and applications range from the field of regeneration of tissues damaged by burns or exposure To chemotherapy up in facial treatments against premature aging of the skin or prevention in the formation of wrinkles.

The unique properties of Rosehip Oil were discovered through a study carried out by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology at Universidad Concepcion in Chile. The study was based on the healing properties of Rosa Mosqueta oil in 180 patients who had scars due to surgery, burns and other conditions that caused a premature aging of the skin. The results were astounding: the continued application of the rosehip oil helped in an effective way to alleviate the problems described.


Apply a sufficient amount of PH Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta in the indicated area of the skin.
Do not expose to the sun.

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