PH-MENTOIL, Aceite para el masaje corporal


Oil for body massage

PH-MENTOIL, Aceite para el masaje corporal

Oil for body massage PH-MENTOIL, with its mixture of menthol and natural oils, seduces with the aroma that gives off during the massage creating well-being, stimulating the senses and leaving a pleasant sensation throughout the body. Its fluidity and its permanence in skin is extraordinary.

Designed for professionals who prefer the touch of oil at the time of massage. Due to its content of essential oils, such as Menthol, Camphor, Almond Oil,… its power of flow helps all types of massages; this is why half a liter of PH-MENTOIL allows 40 to 50 massages.

Presentation: 500 ml.

Discover the benefits of PH-MENTOIL

Menthol is one of the few oils that can be used pure over the entire body (except for the eye area). That’s why it is one of the most used in aromatherapy massages: its relaxing effect makes it especially suitable for massaging specific areas.

It is an oil based on vegetable components, very suitable for professional massages. It contains a very high percentage of almond oil and peanuts that protect and vitaminate the skin (provided we do not have allergies to those nuts). Power also the action of the massage thanks to its active components: Menthol and Camphor.

Another of its most outstanding properties is its great moisturizing power. In skin care it is used as a depurative but at the same time helps to retain its moisture, preventing its premature aging.

It is necessary to emphasize its utility in edema of all kinds, as well as in blows and / or muscular pains in general.

PH-MENTOIL ensures quality, fluidity and savings.



Oil for body massage. Apply a sufficient amount of PH-MENTOIL massage oil that allows a fluid circulation of hands and fingers. We recommend to complement its use with PH-QUIROGEL to achieve a feeling of well-being after the massage.

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